Toyobo Pelprene®

Toyobo Pelprene<sup>®</sup> - Toyobo Engineering Plastic Families

TOYOBO PELPRENE®Innovation in Polyester Elastomers

  • PELPRENE is a thermoplastic elastomer having a combination of both the features of rubber and engineering plastics.
  • PELPRENE offers a wide range of grades ranging from 70A to 78D hardness.
  • PELPRENE exhibits excellent resilience, chemical resistance, and durability from high to low temperatures.
  • PELPRENE can be easily processed through the following methods:
    *injection molding for small precision parts
    for tubes and similar applications
    *blow molding
    for CVJ boots
  • See details of our Basic and Special Grade products.


PELPRENE is a registered trademark of Toyobo Co., Ltd. of Japan.