Toyobo Pelprene®

Application Examples of PELPRENE®

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  Application Processing Alternative or competitive materials The advantage for adoption
CVJ boots blow CR Productivity, Strength,
Suspension boots blow TPO, PVC Strength, Processability,
Oil resistance
Uniform coupling boots blow CR Strength, Ozone resistance,
Floats blow NBR Seal tightness, Oil resistance,
Gears injection POM, NY Noise protection,
Joint bushes injection POM, PUR Load-bearing capacity,
Seatbelt components injection POM Noise protection,
Fatigue strength
Emblem injection ABS, PVC Flexibility, Snapping
Sky shoes injection PUR, NY Flex strength in
low temperatures,
Weather resistance
Door latch striker injection NY, PUR Noise protection,
Strength, Abrasion resistance
Rebound stopper injection NY, Rubber Noise protection,
Strength, Oil resistance
Dust seals injection Rubber, PUR Processability,
Oil resistance, Heat resistance
Backup rings injection Rebber, Teflon Processability, Stiffness,
Oil resistance
Hot curlers injection PP, Sillicon Flexibility, Heat resistance,
Wrist watch bands injection PUR Processability,
Yellowing resistance
Bottle plug (Cap) injection PP ,ABS Seal tightness, Recovery, Coloring
Diaphragms injection Rebber Productivity, Weight saving
Combs injection PBT, POM, PC Flexibility, Chemical resistance
Slide plates in torque-converting automobiles injection NY, PP Flexibility, Abrasion resistance
Cable covers for automobiles extrusion PP, NY Flexibility, Heat resistance,
Low temperature resistance
Oil hydraulic hoses extrusion Rubber, NY Oil resistance, Flexibility, Heat resistance
Air pressure hoses extrusion PUR, NY Strength, Pressure resistance, Flexibility
Corrugated tubes extrusion PP, NY Heat resistance, Flexibility
Telephone handset curl chords extrusion PP, PVC Flexibility, Spring strength
Conveyer belts extrusion Rubber, PVC Hygienic material,
Heat resistance,
Weight saving
Fire hoses extrusion Rubber Weight saving, Productivity
Gas pipe linings extrusion Rubber, PUR Productivity,
Chemical resistance, Strength
resin modifiers
extrusion   Impact resistance, Flexibility